Artist of the Month

August Artist of the Month

Mona Prater’s Artist Statement

Mona Prater earned her BFA in painting and sculpture. She graduated with a MFA in studio art mentored by a fiber artist. She has participated in a variety of invitational art exhibits, including an international basket exhibit, a traveling exhibit in museums across thirteen southern states and a fiber show sponsored by KFC. She has been making glass for the last 20 years.

Fused glass is a slow and delicate process. Very few pieces spend less than 30 hours in the kiln, and a variety of causes can result in cracked and broken glass.

“I feel particularly lucky to have had the teachers I had. They not only taught me technique and aesthetics. They taught me about women’s roles in art making through the ages. Very often women’s work was overlooked because it was not made of traditional material like paint or bronze. They made functional baskets, quilts and adornments. My mentor showed me that art is about intent not material, and women have a much larger role than the history books would suggest.“