Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month, Debbie Bowan

Throughout my life, I have always dabbled with artistic endeavors ranging from crafts with my kids to my current projects with colored pencils and other media. My love and deep rooted passion for expressing my artistic abilities did
not fully set in until I retired and became a caregiver for my mother. My mother was my biggest cheerleader, she was there to support and critique my work every step of the way. Upon retirement, I started with watercolor paintings and studied that medium for about 4 years. During a class I took with an inspirational group, I was introduced to colored pencils and never looked back. My desire to create paintings with detail and realism using multiple colors and techniques drew me even deeper into the colored pencil world. In my art studio out of my home in beautiful Salem Oregon you will find me submerged in a variety of colored pencil projects. Art has become a magical place for me to escape to, full of beautiful colors & wonderful ideas that seem to never end.

When my journey of colored pencil started, I painted a variety of wild animals. Later I progressed to pet portraits for family and friends. Through this colorful and emotional journey of capturing realism with pets and humans, I have also tackled flowers, landscapes and birds. My long term goal with my colored pencil paintings was to be able to draw human portraits and have them come to life with a story to tell. Last year I was able to put my heart and soul into a portrait drawing of each of my grandsons. The love and bond I share with my grandchildren has been a great motivator for me to conquer my dream of painting human portraits.

I love realism and strive very hard to make the end result of my artwork look as though you could literally touch the soft skin or kiss those adorable smiles. In fact, at times I can drive myself bonkers over the realism side of my art, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have never listened to the notion of, “if you want realism, just take a picture”. It takes a true artist to strive for perfection in their work towards realism to make a finished piece come alive! I’m a lifelong learner in the field of art, I look forward to everything I still have to learn. My nose is always buried in art books, taking art classes, being a member of art groups and any other place I can learn to perfect my colored pencil paintings. My happiness comes from the joy my audience gets when they view my work and I find them gazing endlessly at the finished painting.

Thank you KAA for letting me be a member of a very wonderful group of artists.

It is a real honor to be chosen as Artist of the Month.