Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month, Barbara Taylor

Barbara Taylor’s Artist Statement

I began my interest in calligraphy years ago in the late 90’s in San Jose, California. After wanting to learn calligraphy for a long time, I saw a beginning class listed in a senior center newsletter. And, it would finally fit into my schedule! I attended the first class and met a wonderful teacher, Ann Thompson. That day, after two hours of writing, I realized I had thought nothing about my outside world the entire time. What a rewarding experience! I was truly “hooked” and stayed in Ann’s class several more years.

I soon joined the Pacific Scribes Calligraphy Guild and met a wonderful group of people who were generous, helpful and sharing in a non-judgmental way. They were still in the learning mode no matter their level of experience. I thought of myself as a non-artist, but their acceptance made me comfortable in pursuing further knowledge of calligraphy.

After I attended a class with Marion Gault, I absolutely fell in love with the pointed pen technique. Marion, who is now in her late 90s and still teaching, became my instructor and mentor for many years. I feel privileged to have worked with such skilled instructors who have taught me the techniques of many different lettering styles.

In 2007 our family relocated to Salem, and I discovered the Capital Calligraphers Guild, another wonderful group of artists. I then found Keizer Art Association’s calligraphy class, taught by the highly talented calligrapher, Penny White. In addition to classes with Penny, I have taken classes with Carol DuBosch and joined the Portland Guild.

These artists and the Oregon guilds have taken me to new levels in the art of calligraphy. We have many opportunities to constantly learn and stretch our imagination with local artists as well as with instructors from other parts of the country and the world. I will always be grateful for falling into the world of calligraphy for the joy of writing and meeting many wonderful calligraphers throughout the years.

A big thank you to Penny White and KAA for the honor of inviting me to be the June 2019 Artist of the Month!