2019 Iris Poster Contest Prospectus and Entry Form

Keizer Art Association “Nurture Creativity”

KAA – Keizer Chamber of Commerce


The Keizer Chamber of Commerce sponsors this annual contest to support local artists in concert with the annual Iris Festival. The Executive Director of the Keizer Chamber will select the winning artwork.  A $200 prize will be given to the winning artist. Contest entries may be any medium and must meet the requirements stated for the May Celebration of Flowers Gallery Art show.  Intake will be on Wednesday, May 2nd, from 3 – 7 pm. The winning entry will be announced at the May Artists’ Reception held in the Gallery from 2 – 4 pm.

The selected art piece MUST include the featured Iris selected by the Keizer Chamber.

This year’s selected Iris is:   LOVELY SENORITA.                                           

A picture of the iris is available on our KAA website, Facebook page and in the KAA Gallery.

I understand that by signing this waiver:

  • I enter a contract with the Keizer Art Association (KAA) and the Keizer Chamber of Commerce (Chamber).
  • My original artwork will be protected under the KAA insurance for the time of the May show at the commission rate of 60%.
  • KAA may use my artwork and pictures of me associated with my artwork in KAA promotions or advertising.
  • Winning artwork: Keizer Chamber will create an electronic version of my artwork and will display my artwork from May of the selection year through December of the following year at multiple Chamber events and in multiple documents promoting the Keizer Chamber, the City of Keizer and the Keizer Iris festival.
  • The Chamber may sell posters, pins and other promotional items displaying my artwork.
  • At the end of the May show, KAA will be released from all liability. The Keizer Chamber will pick up your artwork to make an electronic copy before returning your artwork to you.

If my artwork is sold during the May Art Show, the artist will receive 60% and KAA 40%.

See “Celebration of Flowers” prospectus for rest of information.


Name: _________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________ City: ______________________,            State: _________ Zip:_______________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________

Entry Title: _____________________________________________________________    Valuation: ______________________

Medium: ______________________________________________________

Price: ___________________________

Artists Signature: _________________________________________________  Date: ___________________________