Classes and Workshops for August 2017

ACRYLICS CLASS, AUGUST 17-18, Thursday & Friday 9:00-4:00 taught by local artist SEPHA NISBET – Painting Mermaid Tails and Tales, $135

Enjoy this two day acrylic painting ‘playshop’… This class is open to beginning painters as well as those with a lot of experience. Come have fun splashing in the paint! Learn some new painting techniques as well as a bit of your own personal fairy tales! Using the Intentional Creativity 13 step painting method, we not only spend time with a brush in our hands, BUT, we will also explore the mythology of Mermaids.… from the Anderson’s fairy tale of ‘The Little Mermaid’ to your own personal mermaid myths and tails… Register here.

Painting Mermaid Tails and Tales Supply List

OR you can purchase a complete supply kit for use in class for $30 from the instructor.

 We will be using acrylic paints on canvas. I Love Golden and M Graham, but I do have several brands!  Bring your favorite colors. If you are new to painting please refer to the basic list below for colors to choose from!

My favorite basic colors include:

  • Indian Yellow (warm yellow), Azo Yellow (cool yellow), 
  • Ultra Marine Blue (warm blue), Pthalo Blue (cool blue),  
  • Cad Red Light (warm red), Quin Rose (cool red)
  • Titanium White

Must haves include:

  • Titan White – Golden a creamy white, very opaque~!
  • Transparent Red Iron Oxide – Golden used for glazing areas and more!

Other tubes in my collection include:

Anthraquinone Blue – MGraham brand, Turquoise (phthalo) – Golden brand, Teal Jenkins Green – Golden brand, Dioxazine Purple, Azo Green – MGraham brand Napes Yellow, and I love ALL the Quinacrodones!

Brushes should include:

1” flat,  1/2” flat, large hake/wash brush or 2-3” chip brush #8 round or/and larger, and a small detail brush. I also use filberts, #12 or larger, and I have several big scrubby brushes with short stiff bristles. Often a worn out brush works well. I have 100’s of brushes, bring your biggest faves!~

I will be working on a 24 x 36 stretched canvas. Bring the size you are comfortable working on.  I suggest no smaller than 18 x 24 tho.

Other supplies include:

Water containers, spray bottle, terry rags or paper towels, easel, apron or painty clothes. DON”T FORGET a Journal or sketchbook! And your favorite drawing/writing supplies!

*KAA classroom has a kitchenette with tea, coffee, cookies and a refrigerator for your lunch. There are also eating establishments nearby. KHC has a lovely courtyard with a gazebo. Perfect for snack time or lunch time.

Artist Bio:     Sepha Nisbet

As a young child on a trip to San Fransisco, to keep me out of trouble, I was given a box of Cray-pas oil pastel sticks. That is when the world fell away in a blur of color. I was hooked, and haven’t stopped creating since!

I love to play using all sorts of things!  Painting with watercolor, acrylic and mixed media on canvas or paper is a favorite. I also play in the Mudd with clay. It’s all a great mystery when I begin, I never know what will happen. Many times my inquiry will lead me to new things I haven’t done before. Thinking thoughts I haven’t thought before. That’s when the Magic really begins as I jump into the pool of Possibilities!

My passion is bringing the joy and empowerment of the creative process into the lives of Women and Children.  I work with a painting process called Intentional Creativity.  When working with Mindfulness and Inquiry we dig deeply into what really matters in our Hearts and Souls.  We are able to change old negative stories into new healthy ones. Putting our marks on paper or canvas helps us cement the change deep into our being.  There is power in Mindful Creating!

I truly believe that we do ‘Create Our Own Reality’…

Please see my website at , on Facebook at Sepha Nisbet Art.

About Sepha Nisbet

Sepha loves to play using all sorts of things! It’s all a great mystery when she begins, never quite knowing what will happen. Many times inquiry will lead her to new things she hasn’t done before. Thinking thoughts that haven’t been thought before. That’s when the Magic really begins as she jumps into the pool of Possibilities! 

Sepha’s passion is bringing the joy and empowerment of the creative process into the lives of her community.  She is a certified Intentional Creative Teacher and Coach, and member of the Intentional Creatives Guild.


August 4, 11, 18, 25-FRIDAY OPEN STUDIO

This “no host” studio is for artists of all mediums. Spend the afternoon in our brightly lit classroom with the FRIDAY OPEN STUDIO. This “no host” studio is for artists of all mediums. Spend the afternoon in our brightly lit classroom with the benefit of good company and a pleasant place to work. Make a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy our extensive Lending Library and the Enid Joy Mount Gallery for inspiration. Open 1:00-4:00pm every Friday. Free to members. $3/day or $10/month for non-members. No registration required.

August 5-Reception

You are invited to the monthly artist reception to see the art and visit with the artists who entered the Annual “MEMBERS” Show. This show will be inspiring because you can see how talented KAA members can be. You will see photography, acrylics, colored pencil, watercolor, 3D and more. All of our members are interested in art and most will surprise you with their high level of expertise. The afternoon reception is from 2:00-4:00 with awards given to the artists, refreshments for everyone and a chance to shop in Gallery K. Meet and greet the folks who believe in Keizer Art Association.


Returning in September:



Returning in October:







LENDING LIBRARY-Free to members.

GIFT GALLERY– Browse our beautiful “Gallery K” for jewelry, cards, paintings, woodwork, tiles, scarves, books, bowls, fused glass, collage, and specialty art items. Gallery K is constantly changing and adding affordable gift items. Gift wrapping available.

KEIZER ART ASSOCIATION and ENID JOY MOUNT GALLERY are located in the Keizer Heritage Center at 980 Chemawa Rd., Keizer, OR 97303. Ph (503) 390-3010. For further class information please call Carol Harris at (503)363-5667 or (503) 580-5476.

E-MAIL: WEBSITE: Check us out online and register online using PayPal or stop by the gallery to register. GALLERY HOURS: WED 1:00–3:00, TH-FRI 1:00-4:00, SAT. 10:00-4:00 pm. KAA accepts cash, checks, VISA/Mastercard.

Students and Instructors: take your supply list to The Art Department in downtown Salem and receive a discount on art supplies.Art Department