Current Show

Come check out the March show now in the Gallery

(Please note: there is no charge to visit the Gallery)

This is an exceptional show with over 45 works of art on display. This is the “Color Purple Show” which includes works of many subjects and media. Visit the Gallery to see these wonderful works of art.

March Color Purple Show: Awards

Photos by John Dejarnatt

(Click on an image to view a larger version.)

Kids Art

2nd Emery Burckhard “Masterpiece”

1st Everette “Dragonfly Sky”


3rd John DeJarnatt “100%”

2nd Francis Stark “Freckles ll”

1st Linda Flicker “Purple Magnolia”

Juror’s Merit Gary Olsen-Hasek “Purple Flame”

Honorable Mention Jeanne Ground “Lovers on Nye Beach”


3rd JoAnn Leadingham “In My Dreams”

2nd Karan Saleen “Round Peg in Square Hole”

1st Vicky Vickery “Purple Pachyderm”

Juror’s Merit Award Sarah Wolfer “Moon Woman ll”

Honorable Mention Vickey Vickery “Amazing Maze”

Honorable Mention Mona Prater “Under the Sea”

Digital Art

3rd Gary Olsen-Hasek “Finding a Seat”

2nd Janice Christman “Happy Purple”

1st John DeJarnatt “Flight”

Juror’s Merit Award Jeanne Ground “Iris Reflections”


2nd Jody Farley “Pillow”

1st Mona Prater “Tulip Vase”

Best of Show

Jody Farley “Circles of Purple”