Current Show

Come check out the August, Member’s Showcase now in the Gallery

(Please note: there is no charge to visit the Gallery)

This is the “Member’s Showcase” which includes art of many media created by Keizer Art Association members. Visit the Gallery to see these wonderful works of art.


(Click on an image to view a larger version.)

Youth Art

2nd Evie McCarthy “Lemon Meringue Pie”

1st Evie McCarthy “Teerriiffiiccc Pig”


3rd Gina Smitasin “Berkeley In May”

2nd Gina Smitasin “She Sleeps In Summer”

1st Linda Flicker “Still Life #2”


Honorable Mention Sharon Diebel “Quite Pond, Raging Water”

3rd Alan Neis “Renault Alpine A429213 Wins 1978 LeMons”

2nd Ralph Ohm “Where the Red Winged Blackbirds Sing”

1st Lyallyn Temple “Iris”

Digital Art

3rd Gary Olsen-Hasek “Turbin-Aidings”

2nd Jeanne Ground “Peaks and Valleys”

1st John DeJarnatt “Fishtails”


2nd Jody Farley “You’ve Got Mail”

1st John DeJarnatt “Three Reason Drum”

Overall Awards

Judge’s Merit Leland Gilsen “Naro Band”

Best of Show Mike Dora “Paul Newman”