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Photos from KAA events are posted on the web site listed below:

Annual Color Show – Green       March, 2017

Judge – Marilyn Krug

Kids’ Art

Juror’s Merit Award – Green Soul by Mina Highland 





Third Place – The Peaceful Frog by Jason Li  





Second Place – Army Jeep by Luke Miller  





First Place – Turtle Ocean by Mave Highland  







Two Dimensions

Juror’s Merit – Sea Joy by Tanna Orr  





Juror’s Merit – Fallen Trees by Tanna Orr  





Third Place – Nocturnal Green Viper by Michael Dora  






Second Place – Take A Moment & Listen by Ralph Ohin  






First Place – The Green Man by Vicky Vickery  







Honorable Mention – Redwoods by Adriel Henderson  





Honorable Mention – Compliments by Frances Stark  





Juror’s Merit – Botanical Saint by Gary Olsen-Hasek  





Third Place – California Greenin’ by Karen Saleen  





Second Place – Calla Lily by Jeanne Ground  





First Place – Northern Flicker by Ray Foster  





Best in Show

Tips by John DeJarnatt