Show Schedule

Show Schedule

(Please note: there is no charge to visit the Gallery)

2019 KAA Show Schedule is available here.

2019 KAA Show Schedule

Month Show Intake Reception Pick-Up Runs
January Fins, Feathers, and Fur Show Jan. 2nd Jan. 5th Jan. 30th Jan. 3rd – 29th
February McNary High School, hosted Jan. 30th Feb. 2rd Feb. 27th Jan 31st – Feb 26th
March Annual Color Show – Purple Feb. 27th Mar. 2rd Mar. 27th Feb. 28th – Mar 26th
April Color Pencil Society, hosted Mar. 27th Mar. 30th May 1st Mar. 28th – Apr. 30th
May Celebration of Flowers and Iris Poster Contest – $200 prize May 1st May 4th June 5th May 2nd – June 4th
June Annual Photography Show June 5th June 8th July 3rd June 6th – July 2nd
July Celebrate America July 3rd July 6th July 31st July 5th – July 30th
August KAA Members’ Showcase July 31st Aug. 3rd Sep. 4th Aug. 1st – Sep. 3rd
September Watercolor Show Sep. 4th Sep. 7th Oct. 2nd Sep. 5th – Oct. 1st
October Colors of Autumn Oct. 2nd Oct. 5th Oct. 30th Oct. 3rd – Oct. 29th
November Black, White, and Gray Oct. 30th Nov. 2nd Dec. 4th Oct. 31st – Dec 3rd
December Open Artists’ Showcase Dec. 4th Dec. 7th Jan. 2th Dec. 5th – Jan. 1th
*All receptions are from 2 – 4 PM except November, which will be from 6 – 8 PM.

Show Intake Information


One entry – $10
Two entries – $15
Three entries – $20
Four entries – $25
Children’s (14 and under) entries –  $5
Poster contest entries – $5


One entry – $20
Two entries – $25
Three entries –  $30
Four entries – $35