Sandy Tyler

I am a retired OB nurse, posing as an artist!

My interest in beautiful handwriting began as an adult. It led me to the study of letterforms. While working at the hospital, I squeezed in calligraphy classes, workshops, and gatherings to meet other calligraphers and learn, learn, learn. Part of my claim-to-fame as a nurse had been that I had done ALL of the calligraphy on birth certificates while employed. Roughly speaking, that was around 18,000 babies, not counting twins.

It wasn’t until 2000 that I began to take lettering seriously. I once had a calligraphy business called Special Touch, doing address labels, logos, cards, wedding invites, addressing envelopes, and miscellaneous poems, long and short. I no longer do this.

I do calligraphy for my own pleasure, mostly for family and friends. I have also become a “workshop addict,” learning various techniques, styles, letterforms, attitudes, and approaches from a variety of instructors.

I stand on the shoulders of the great ones: Jake Svaren, Ewan Clayton, Fran Strom, Carol DuBosch, Amity Parks, Pamela Paulsrud, Rosie Kelly, Sharon Zeugin, Mike Gold, and Brody Neuenschwander, for they each have taught me so much.

My work displayed at the Keizer Art Association includes: sandblasting, gilding, collage, watercolor, acrylic, layering, and small bookmaking.

Sandy Tyler

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