Artist of the Month

Barbara Bacon Folawn, Artist of the Month December 2019

Color and design are the most exciting elements of art for me. They catch my eye, and when I create a painting I hope they will catch the eye of the viewer as well.

Another element that I try to incorporate into my paintings is movement. Even though the subject may not be in motion, I enjoy suggesting movement through texture, loose brushstrokes, pattern, and use of darks and lights to hold the viewer’s interest as their eye moves around inside the painting.

If the viewer pauses and lingers to take time to see all parts of the painting, then perhaps I’ve been successful in sharing a feeling, a different point of view, or a story to which others can relate.

Art as language is something that I continually think about. Just like an author, musician or dancer, a painter is trying to express something that is important to him or her. The fact that humans began creating drawings, paintings, and sculpture many thousands of years ago tells me that this form of communication or self-expression is a fundamental trait in all of us

When those early artists picked up a burnt stick and effectively used perspective and line quality to capture aspects of their world on walls of caves, they may have been motivated to tell their story in their own “words,” wanting to express something important through a thoughtful visual interpretation just as we do today.

Making art is challenging, exciting and rewarding. It continually motivates me to keep going and do more. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!