KAA In-Gallery Show Entry Form

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Three Easy Steps to Enter Your Art Into a KAA Gallery Show

Step 1: Complete and Submit this Entry Form
Step 2: Make Payment (You will be automatically redirected to the Payment Page on completion of this Entry Form)
Step 3: Drop off your entries at KAA, 980 Chemawa Road N, Keizer Oregon 97303, on the date specified in the Show Prospectus

Entry Fees

  • Member: $10 for first piece; $15 for two pieces; $15 for diptychs and triptychs (a single work of art displayed on two or three panels}; $20 for three pieces; $25 for four pieces.
  • Non-Member: $20 for first piece; $25 for two pieces; $25 for diptychs and triptychs; $30 for three pieces; $35 for four pieces.
  • Youth: $5 for up to two pieces. This division is open to all youth (14 years old and younger)

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December Artist's Showcase

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* Submitting the form represents your electronic signature and agreement with the terms below.

Thank you for participating in this Keizer Art Association show.


I understand that by sending this Entry Form, I enter into a contract with the Keizer Art Association (KAA). KAA will cover my artwork under insurance for the time period of the show at the commission rate of 70%. In addition, if the artwork is not picked up on the designated date, I release KAA from all liability when storing my artwork in the classroom/gallery. Entries will become property of Keizer Art Association if not picked up within 30 days of designated “Pick Up” date on prospectus. KAA may use my artwork and pictures associated with my artwork in KAA promotions or advertising. If sold, the artist will receive 70% and KAA 30%. KAA reserves the right to not hang artwork it deems unsuitable for the show. We reserve the right to refuse any art piece that does not meet the family friendly standard of Keizer Art Association.

Award winning or other entries, at the discretion of KAA, may be shown for an additional time at the City of Keizer Community Center. This extended show increases artist visibility and helps to promote art in Keizer. Artist understands and agrees that Artist allows KAA to transport, mount, display and dismount Artist’s artwork at the City of Keizer Community Center.

Artist grants the right to the City of Keizer to photograph, film, videotape, or otherwise record or depict Artist’s property at any time during exhibition of Artist’s property at the Community Center to use for the purpose of promotion of the Community Center and small fundraising projects to supplement the public art program.

Artist releases the City of Keizer from any and all claims in connection with the additional showing at the City of Keizer Community Center. KAA will coordinate with the artist and handle all tasks associated with the extended show.

Electronic Signatures. Each party agrees that this Agreement and any other documents to be delivered in connection herewith may be electronically signed, and that any electronic signatures appearing on this Agreement or such other documents are the same as handwritten signatures for the purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility.

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