Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA August 2020 Show

Celebrating Beauty by Bart Bennett

Explosion of Alien Passion by Bart Bennett

Turkish Tulips by Bart Bennett

Watercolor Look Iris by Bart Bennett

Daisies by Bob Curtis

Daisy Dew by Bob Curtis

Star Jasmine Explosion by Bob Curtis

Hydrangea Bloom by Bob Curtis

Zentangle Flowers 1 by Cheryl Manhire

Zentangle Flowers 2 by Cheryl Manhire

Summer's Gift by Cynthia Dawson

Magnolia and Pitcher by Donna Lee

Magnolia and Skull by Donna Lee

Rocky's Rose by Donna Lee

Consider the Lily by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Fawn Lily Flight by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Golden Flower Surprise by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Now Appearing by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Dusty Pink by Janice Christman

Purple Rain by Janice Christman

Wowza by Janice Christman

Yellow!!! by Janice Christman

Gramma Julander's Flower Garden by Janna Curtis

Gramma's Garden in Purple by Janna Curtis

Hearts and Flowers by Janna Curtis

Bee Happy by John DeJarnatt

Feelers by John DeJarnatt

Flower Collage by John DeJarnatt

Hiding by John DeJarnatt

Blue Splash by Julie Thoreson

Dawn's Early Light by Karen Aiello

Fire Within by Karen Aiello

What Started Out Orange by Karen Aiello

Amaryllis Belladonna by Karen Saleen

Relationships by Karen Saleen

A Shower of Blossoms by Karen Saleen

Auntie Leslie's Garden by Karen Saleen

Bitty Beauty Iris by Karen Stangeby

Iris Beauty by Karen Stangeby

Red Day Iris by Karen Stangeby

Dahlia Cosmos by Martha Hughes

Dahlia Perfection by Martha Hughes

Fireworks by Martha Hughes

Intricate Marvel by Martha Hughes

Birth by Mary Fenton

A Bit of Beauty by McKinsey Jarnagin

Colorful Symmetry by Rachel Bennett

Curious Nudibranch by Rachel Bennett

Edges of a Rose by Rachel Bennett

Ode to Georgia by Rachel Bennett

Nature's Smile by Renee Rushton

Stylized Flower by Renee Rushton

Iris by Shelly Langley

Pink by Shelly Langley

Purple by Shelly Langley

White by Shelly Langley

__Say Ahhh...___ by Suzie Torre-Cross

Aurora by Suzie Torre-Cross

Pretty in Pink by Suzie Torre-Cross

Good Morning Sunshine by Suzie Torre-Cross

Lilacs by Xavier Salazar
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Lily by Xavier Salazar