Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA December 2020 Show

Santa Moon by Bev Wittler

Flicker by Brigitte Cobb

Northern Flicker by Brigitte Cobb

Stellers Jay by Bigitte Cobb

Wrentit by Brigette Cobb

DAstoria Bridge by Cheryl Manhire

Carmel Bay by Cheryl Manhire

The Lone Cypress at Carmel by Cheryl Manhire

Tillimook Farm by Cheryl Manhire

Hopi Pueblo by Connie Kyle

Santa Clara Pueblo by Connie Kyle

Santa's Helper by Debbie Bowen

Great Egret by Donna Lee

Last Passenger by Donna Lee

Who Broke It? by Donna Lee

Don't Go Back to Sleep by Ellen White

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Ellen White

I Belled the Cat on Christmas Day by Ellen White

Naughty or Nice by Ellen White

Heirloom Tomato Bowl by Gary Olden-Hasek

Orange Bowl by Gary Olden-Hasek

The Blood Orange Incident by Gary Olden-Hasek

Barn in Splender by Janice Christman

Over the Hill by Janice Christman

Stormy Seas by Janice Christman

Dreaming by JoAnn Leadingham

Fiber and Stuff by JoAnn Leadingham

Robin and the Pacific by JoAnn Leadingham

Northwest Country by Jody Farley

Quilt Levi by Jody Farley

Agate Beach by John DeJarnatt

Kim's Bridge by John DeJarnatt

Nisse by John DeJarnatt

Yellow Tree by John DeJarnatt

For Dad by Karen Aiello

Honey I'm Home by Karen Aiello

At the Coast by Karen Aiello

Waiting for the Cowboy Ride by Karen Aiello

Dodge Ram by Karen Saleen

Forest King Troll by Karen Saleen

Hotlips by Mike Dora

Beach Wave by Pam Bulthuis

Fall Stream by Pam Bulthuis

Green River by Pam Bulthuis

Mt. Rainier by Pam Bulthuis

Duck by Shelly Langley

Monkey by Shelly Langley

Ocean by Shelly Langley

Snail by Shelly Langley

Eye of the Beholder by Susie Torre-Cross

Reliquiseries by Susie Torre-Cross

Spiris Libitus by Susie Torre-Cross

What Lies Beyond by Susie Torre-Cross

A Gathering by Vickie Nokleby

Green Veggie by Vickie Nokleby

Old Wine Cellar by Vickie Nokleby

Winter Splendor by Vickie Nokleby

St. Basils by Vicky Vickery