Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA June 2020 Show

A Bonding Moment by Barbara Dimattio

Best Friends by Barbara DiMattio

Riding the Gorge by Barbara DiMattio

Walking Into Lace by Barbara DiMattio

Bryce Canyon National Park by Cheryl Manhire

Grand Canyon National Park by Cheryl Manhire

Jenny Lake Teton National Park

Yellowstone River Falls by Cheryl Manhire

Last Apple by Donna Lee

Time Warp by Donna Lee

Weathered Wood by Donna Lee

Army Efficiency by Doug Saleen

Monumental and Minute by Doug Saleen

The Other Side of the Fence by Doug Saleen

Vietnamese Hooch Maid by Doug Saleen

Birdbath Dove by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Solar Pillery Aquina Head by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Sun Pillery on Pacific by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Aquina Lighthouse Antique by Gary Olse-Hasek

Bamboo Forest in the City by Gayle Bachic

Forest by Gayle Bachic

Hanging Out by Gayle Bachic

Maty Anne by Gayle Bachic

Ready for my Closeup by Gayle Bachic

Super Moon by Gregory Specht

Hoffman Bridge by Haydon Wampler

Opal Creek by Haydon Wampler

Sunset in Keizer by Haydon Wampler

Sunset Over by Hatdon Wampler

Alien by Janice Christmann

Purple Duo by Janice Christman

St. Paddy's Day by Janice Christman

Yellow Iris by Janice Christman

Cellular View by John DeJarnatt

Pink Moon by John DeJarnatt

Redhead by John DeJarnatt

Yellow by John DeJarnatt

Theresa by Julie Thoreson

Serendipity by Julie Thoreson

Quasi Pastello by Karen Aiello

Stillness by Karen Aiello

Auricula Basket by Karen Saleen

Foucaults Pendulum by Karen Saleen

Generation by Karen Saleen

Wet Rose by Kathleen Bennett

Alien Topographical Map by Kathleen Bennett

Spiral by Kathleen Bennett

Beach Kelp by Leland Gilsen

Kelp Foam by Leland Gilsen

Shadow Tree by Leland Gilsen

He Stepped Up by Linda Flicker

Made it Another Day by Linda Flicker

Fogarty Beach by Lizzie Needles

Monarch Butterfly by Lizzie Needles

The Dahlia and the Bee by Lizzie Needles

The Taft District by Lizzie Needles

Abandoned Assemblige by Lynette Olsen

Harvest Time by Lynette Olsen

Lofty by Lynette Olsen

Tranquility by Lynette Olsen

Tulip Afloat by Madeline Alpert

Tulip in the Corner by Madeline Alpert

Tulip Leader of the Pack by Madeline Alpert

Tulip Unfolding by Madeline Alpert

Beverly by Martha Hughes

East Lake Serenity by Rachel Bennett

Lapping Waters by Rachel Bennett

Obsidian Sunlight by Rachel Bennett

Pandora by Rachel Bennett

Bridge by Shelly Langley

Moon by Shelly Langley

Rose by Shelly Langley

Seagull by Shelly Langley

Bursting Forth by Suzie Torre-Cross

Coastal Foxgloves by Suzie Torre-Cross

Symphony of Rhodendrons by Suzie Torre-Cross

Tulip Triplet by Suzie Torre-Cross

Barnyard Birds by Vickie Nokleby

Cherry Blossoms by Vickie Nokleby

Dahlia Glory by Vickie Nokleby

Hawk by Vickie Nokleby

Petra by Yita Harris

Sisti by Yita Harris