Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA November 2020 Show

Allegator Alley by Barb DiMattio

Barn by Barb DiMattio

Groceries in Hyder Alaska by Barb DiMattio

Mountain Goat by Barb DiMattio

Believe by Carolyn Lehl

Winter Birch by Carolyn Lehl

Owl by Cheryl Manhire

The Chicago Bean by Cheryl Manhire

Dirty Birds by Cindi Julander

Sitting Ducks by Cindi Julander

Winter Wind by Cindi Julander

Grandpa's Garage by Donna Lee

Jabar by Donna Lee

Lady in Waiting by Donna Lee

Enchanted Forest by Fred Hartson

Discovery Park Lighthouse by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Gentriflying Independence by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Orange Bowl by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Toilet Planter Dove by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Sand Dunes Storm by Ginny Stevens

Birds in New York by Janet Fisher

Tarrot Cards the World by Janet Fisher

Cactus by Janice Christman

Dogwood by Janice Christman

Morning Glory by Janice Christman

Puppet Master by Janice Christman

BWG Quilt by Janna Curtis

Marge Simpson by JoAnne Leadingham

Fantasy Flowers by Jody Farley

Fish by Jody Farley

Shag Rag Rug by Jody Farley

Roots by John Fogstorm

The Chairs by John Fogstorm

The Lake by John Fogstorm

The Trees by John Fogstorm

You Know by Julie Thoreson

Order in Chaos by Karen Saleen

Powered by Oldsmobile by Karen Saleen

Serenity by Karen Saleen

Spanish Lace by Karen Saleen

Melting Ghosts by Laylee Julander

Before the Frost by Lynette Olsen

Foreign Family by Lynette Olsen

Found Worm by Lynette Olsen

Rainy Day Coat by Lynette Olsen

Beware of Mr COVID by Mike

Love id Shades of Gray by Robin Skinner

Keeshond Face by Robin Skinner

Keeshond Profile 1 by Robin Skinner

Keeshond Profile 2 by Robin Skinner

New Hope by Shagufta Mulla

The Wonder of a Bubble by Shagufta Mulla

Woodland Queen by Shagufta Mulla

Horse by Shelly Langley

Midgey by Shelly Langley

Rudy by Shelly Langley

Tie Ring by Shelly Langley

Shadow Dancer by Susan Harson

Storm at the Pass by Susan Harson

Bursting Forth by Suzie Torre-Cross

Remembrance by Suzie Torre-Cross

Sleep by Suzie Torre-Cross

Tulip Dance by Suzie Torre-Cross

Curiosity by Terry Dempsey

Nature Hideaway by Terry Dempsey

Eye by Terry Witter

Resting Birds by Terry Witter

Wind and Waves by Terry Witter

Icy Decore by Vickie Nokleby

Snow Boots by Vickie Nokleby

Snowy Foliage by Vickie Nokleby

Snowy Spider by Vickie Nokleby

Grandma 1938 by Vickie Vickery

Looking Good by Vickie Vickery

Matriarch by Vickie Vickery

Garden Gnome by Xavier Salazaar

Silver Falls by Xavier Salazaar