Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA October 2020 Show

Saying Goodbye by Barb DiMattio

Mammoth Lakes by Cheryl Manhire

Brighter Side of Autumn by Debbie Bowen

Glow of Autumn by Debbie Bowen

Fall Moo by Donna Lee

Creepy Cool by Donna Lee

Fallen Like Rocks by Donna Lee

Autumn Avenue by Fred Hartson

JJ Bowley's White by Fred Hartson

Martin Creek by Fred Hartson

Wood's Pumpkins by Fred Hartson

Three Trees by Janice Christman

Frozen in Time by Janice Christman

Harvest by Janice Christman

Standout by Janice Christman

Junk to Art by JoAnne Leadingham

Beach Salad by John DeJarnatt

Color Storm by John DeJarnatt

Lonely by John DeJarnatt

The Announcement by John DeJarnatt

Little Pumpkin by Jose Wampler

A Meeting of Great Minds by Karen Saleen

Autumn Gold by Karen Saleen

Daisy of the Sunrise by Karen Saleen

Fans of Gold by Karen Saleen

Autumn Trees by Karen Stangeby

Time to Pick Pumpkins by Karen Stangeby

Cup of Skulls by Linda Flicker

Backlit Autumn Leaf by Madeline Alpert

Fixated on Fall by Madeline Alpert

Prompt 12/1 by Madeline Alpert

Prompt 12/2 by Madeline Alpert

Batik by Martha Hughes

COVID A by Martha Hughes

COVID B by Martha Hughes

Quilt by Martha Hughes

Alpine Pika by Ralph Ohm

Golden Sunset by Renee Rushton

Fall Leaves by Shelly Langley

Frozen Fall Leaf by Shelly Langley

Frozen Fall Red Leaf by Shelly Langley

Movin Into Fall by Shelly Langley

Sanctuary by Susan Harson

Spider Tree by Susan Harson

Fall Reflection by Suzie Torre-Cross

Generations by Suzie Torre-Cross

Oak Leaves 6 by Suzie Torre-Cross

Vine Maple Glory by Suzie Torre-Cross

Changeable by Thomas Peters

Fall Splenor by Vickie Nokleby