Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA April 2021 Show

Pring Awakening by Carol Sims

Lonely Girl by Gary Hlastala

Cara's Favorite Rose by Cheryl Manhire

From Cara's Rose Garden by Cheryl Manhire

Our Neighbor's Beautiful Maple Tree by Cheryl Manhire

Sonona Vegetable Market by Cheryl Manhire

Nature's Orange Delight by Debbie Bowen

Crocus in Gray by Donna Lee

Dinner at Grandma's

Man in the Rain by Gary Hlastala

Orange by Gary Hlastala

Ship at Sea by Gary Hlastala

Autumn Tree Color Impression by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Candle Aura by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Sea Stars Tango by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Three Blood Oranges Relate on a Plate by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Big Apple by Ginny Stevens

Astronomical by Jami Faith

Dragon Eye by Jami Faith

Single Step by Jami Faith

Fireworks by Janice Christman

Jan by Janice Christman

Skull Fire by Janice Christman

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright by Janice Christman

Manderin Oranges by Jean Lee

Orange Lillies by Jean Lee

Going Fishing by JoAnn Leadingham

OCD Roads to Nowhere by JoAnn Leadingham

Palette Knife 1 by JoAnn Leadingham

Raggety Ann And Her Onery Daughters by JoAnn Leadingham

Just Orange by Jody Farley

Orange Poppies by Jody Farley

Less Chaos by John DeJarnatt

Lies by John DeJarnatt

Orange Expo by John DeJarnatt

Orangegy by John DeJarnatt

Orange Blossom by Julie Thoreson

Pumpkin Stack by Julie Thoreson

Alaskan Beauties by Karen Aiello

Dropped In by Karen Aiello

Encapsulated by Karen Aiello

Prickly Pear by Karen Miller

Umbrellas by Karen Miller

Innie vs Outie by Karen Saleen

For Mom Gratitude by Kate Mayo

Bougainvillea Wristlet by Marilyn Lindsley

Leftovers Beachy Creek by Martha Hughes

Bowie Hair Day by Rebecca Lockwood

Goddess Resting by Rebecca Lockwood

Hanging Around by Rebecca Lockwood

Tiger Lilly 1 by Suzie Torre-Cross

Tiger Lilly 2 by Suzie Torre-Cross

A Dahlia's Smile by Vickie Nokleby

Poppies Galore by Vickie Nokleby

Flamingo by Vickie Vickery

O is for Orange by Vickie Vickery

Lizzy by Yita Harris