Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA February 2021 Show

Winter Wanderer by Angela Wrahtz

June Harvest by Cheryl Manhire

Rocks by Cheryl Manhire

Taos Red Rock by Cheryl Manhire

Sunset in Full Bloom by Debbie Bowen

Honor Guard by Donna Lee

Old Train Cars by Donna Lee

Serenity by Donna Lee

Apple by Gary Hlastala

Reflection by Gary Hlastala

Sailing the Bay by Gary Hlastala

Bird Bath Doveby Gary Olsen-Hasek

Buddha Nap by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Silver Lake Thaw by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Waiting for the Ferry by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Grogan and Maggie by Gina Smitasin

Aurora Borealis by Ginny Stevens

Ibis Across the Falls by Ginny Stevens

My Chaotic Storm by Jami Faith

Cherry Trees by JoAnn Leadingham

Fresh Fruit by JoAnn Leadingham

Hangover by JoAnn Leadingham

My Alter Ego by JoAnn Leadingham

Our World by JoAnn Leadingham

Urban Sprawl by JoAnn Leadingham

Look Into My Eyes by Julie Thoreson

Empty Reflections by Karen Saleen

COVID19c by Martha Hughes

COVID19d by Martha Hughes

EDO Art by Martha Huges

Auxerre France by Mike Dora

Winter Wolf by Nola Pear

Independance Rock by Ralph Ohm

That's Close Enough by Ralph Ohm

Cabin in the Woods by Rebecca Lockwood

Mountain Popsicle by Rebecca Lockwood

Over the Rainbow in Maui by Rebecca Lockwood

The McTavish Mansion by Rebecca Lockwood

Autumn Aurora by Renee Rushton

Morning has Broken by Renee Rushton

Freeze Fall by Suzie Torre-Cross

Leaf Wane by Suzie Torre-Cross

Silver Helm by Suzie Torre-Cross