Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA July 2021 Show

Before America by Cheryl Manhire

Old Train Yard by Cheryl Manhire

Whispers from the Past by Cheryl Manhire

Freedom by Donna Lee

Solitude by Gary Hlastada

America's Pasttime by Janice Christman

Celebration by Janice Christman

Prosser Horse by Janice Christman

Standing Strong by Janice Christman

50 Stars by JoAnn Leadingham

Rosa the Riveter by JoAnn Leadingham

American Fish by Jody Farley

American Grapes by Jody Farley

Pantyhose Dolls by Jody Farley

Red White Blue Bag and Hat by Jody Farley

Observers by John DeJarnatt

Standing Guard by John DeJarnatt

Tators by John DeJarnatt

That Place On 85th by John DeJarnatt

Ode to the Red White and Blue by Karen Saleen

Blueberry Fiddle by Martha Hughes

Star and Stripes by Martha Hughes

By the Dawns Early Light by Michelle McAdams

Freedom by Michelle McAdams

On the Range by Michelle McAdams

About to Take Off by Roger Harris

Are You Looking at Me by Roger Harris

Flying Low by Roger Harris

Just Relaxing by Roger Harris