Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA June 2021 Show

Bodaga Bay by Cheryl Manhire

Monterey Bay by Cheryl Manhire

Steers at Steen Mts. by Cheryl Manhire

Teton National Park by Cheryl Manhire

Reflections by Doug Julander

Beach Stream by Gary Olse-Hasek

Houseboat by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Spud Heart Shower by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Transport Options by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Canola Fields by Janice Christman

Lines in the sand by Janice Christman

Storm Coming by Janice Christman

Wheels by Janice Christman

Ground Zero by John DeJarnatt

Retail by John DeJarnatt

The Dancers by John DeJarnatt

Bello Fioritura by Karen Aiello

Blown in the Wind by Karen Aiello

Leaves, Limbs, and Lichen by Karen Aiello

South of San Antonio by Karen Aiello

Meandering by Karen Saleen

Sitka Waters by Karen Saleen

Whidbey Cairn by Karen Saleen

Whidbey Woods by Karen Saleen

Beachin by Michelle McAdams

Burrowing Owl by Michelle McAdams

Rocky Mountain Splendor by Michelle McAdams

The Bugle Boy by Michelle McAdams