Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA March 2021 Show

Colorsplash Hawk by Cheryl Manhire

Hippity Hoppity by Cheryl Manhire

Moo Mama by Cheryl Manhire

Spring Day by Cheryl Manhire

Rebirth and Prosperity by Debbie Bowen

Lightning Rock by Dianne Lay

Nani #6 Anthurium by Dianne Lay

Last Passenger by Donna Lee

Wolf Moon by Ginny Stevens

Cabin in the Woods by Julie Thoreson

Man's Best Friend by Julie Thoreson

A Good Book by Kathryn Decker

Grandma's Pride and Joy by Kathryn Decker

Melody for Mama by Kathryn Decker

My Favorite Things by Kathryn Decker

Dressed for Fall by Renee Rushton

At the Edge of Goodbye by Susan Hartson

Flashflood at Alabama Hills by Susan Hartson

Ron by Susan Hartson

Mug-Shot by Susan Hartson

Sbner and Cactus Rose by Theresa Bondi

Locked Gate by Theresa Bondi

Old Crow by Theresa Bondi

Penguin by Theresa Bondi

Flower Bouquet by Vickie Nokleby

Pitcher Perfect by Vickie Nokleby