Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA May 2021 Show

Daffodils by Barbara Folawn

Garden Crocus by Barbara Fowlawn

Hello Spring by Barbara Folawn

Rococo Parrot by Carol Sims

Pink Calla Lily by Cheryl Manhire

Pink Dogwood by Cheryl Manhire

Purple Dahlia Canby Gardens by Cheryl Manhire

Red Dahlia Canby Gardens by Cheryl Manhire

Pink and Blue by Cindi Julander

Shadow of Spring by Cindi Julander

Spring Blossoms by Cindi Julander

Shpring Storm by Cindi Julander

Red Rose by Debbie Bowen

Glory of Gardening by Dianne Hicks

Season Ending by Dianne Hicks

The Story of the Firestorm by Dianne Hicks

Magnolias by Donna Lee

Story of the Firestormby Donna Lee

Space Bloom by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Tulipo Field Impression by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Tulip Field Trip by Gary Olsen Hasek

Wild Garden Bloom by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Orchid by Ginny Stevens

And the Day Came by Jami Faith

Blue Iris by Janice Christman

Gladiola by Janice Christman

Lupins by Janice Christman

Milkweed by Janice Christman

Brighter Days Ahead by Jean Lea

We Did It Joe by JoAnn Leadingham

Bee Food by John DeJarnatt

Pink Fuzzies by John DeJarnatt

Starting by John DeJarnatt

Wet Blossoms by John DeJarnatt

Poppy at Sunset by Karen Saleen

Siberian Iris Batik by Karen Saleen

Withered Dogwood by Karen Saleen

Blue Arabesque by Kate Mayo

Grace Amazing by Kate Mayo

Shy Prayer by Kate Mayo

Around My House by Kathryn Fox

Blossom by Laylee Julander

Silver Rose by Laylee Julander

Cosmic Dahlia by Martha Hughes

Lily of the Valley

Eruption by Michelle McAdams

Thistle Magic by Michelle McAdams

Dance of the Tulips by Nola Pear

Mom's Bouquet by Nola Pear

Triplets by Nola Pear

Wild Roses by Nola Pear

Astors on Parade by Suzie Torre-Cross

Crocus Herold the Spring by Suzie Torre-Cross

Douglas Iris by Suzie Torre-Cross

Waiting for Vangogh

Cascading Clematis by Vickie Nokleby

Desert Flowers by Vickie Nokleby

Lilacs by Xavier Salizar

Tractor by Xavier Salizar

Tulip 1 by Xavier Salizar

Tulip 2 by Xavier Salizar