Please enjoy these images from past Keizer Art Association shows.

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KAA August 2022 Show

Grace by Bev Wittler

Pasture by Carol Sims

Technicolor Grass by Carol Sims

The Shallows by Carol Sims

Big Horn Ram by Craig Leaper

Dog Bone Beetle by Craig Leaper

Golden by Craig Leaper

The Ring Bearer Hunter John by Debbie Bowen

Fluffy in the Snow by Dianne Hicks

Recycle and Reuse by Dianne Hicks

Rock and Stream by Dianne Hicks

Chelsea Rose Fresh Crab by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Machrie Standing Stones by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Salt Coars Harbor by Gary Olsen-Hasek

Celestial God by Janice Christman

If I Were a Humming Bird by Janice Jenkins

If I Were a Spider by Janice Jenkins

If I Were a Swallow by Janice Jenkins

Twisted Sisters by Janna Curtis

A Cook's Tour by Karen Saleen

Succulent Leaves by Karen Saleen

Highland Attitude by Linda Chatfield

Trail to the Falls by Linda Chatfield

Farm Cow by Rebecca Mettert

Honey Bee by Rebecca Mettert

Sea Turtle by Rebecca Mettert