Connie Kyle

After a 40-year hiatus I could no longer restrain the desire to put brush to canvas. September first of 2019, I finally began a painting from a photo taken back in the early 1980s while hiking outside Colorado Springs. The image had been haunting me for over a decade and it was a thrill to see it materialize on the canvas.

I use latex house paint and universal tints as my medium because of its versatility as well as there being virtually no cost per painting. Unlike acrylics or oils the product that is on my pallet can dry out and be reconstituted with just a little water in my brush. Nothing is lost due to drying out. To the best of my knowledge no one else uses this medium.

I use my one car garage as a studio and will often spend an hour here and there painting. I am amazed at the number of works I have completed since the beginning of September since I work a full-time job at Oregon State Penitentiary as well. Returning to painting has enriched my whole life with positive energy. I paint primarily landscapes because I become lost in the scene and can hear the wind or brook and can smell the rich loam or the scent of evergreens.

I have prints and note cards made of my work which affords opportunity for anyone to acquire a piece of art no matter what their budget. I have submitted a proposal at work to have classes for our inmates in my off hours and am hopeful that this will materialize before too long. There is considerable enjoyment from sharing the painting process and introducing my chosen medium to those who are unacquainted with the somewhat out of the norm materials I use to create my pieces.