About Us

Who We Are

We are a local, non-profit 501(c)(3), Art Association that serves the city of Keizer, Oregon and adjacent communities providing:

  • Monthly art education for children and adults of all skills and abilities from hobby to professional artists through unique art classes taught by professional, award winning artists and instructors.
  • Display and Promotion of local original artwork through monthly art shows featured in our Enid Joy Mount Gallery.
  • A marketplace for original artwork and products available at our Gallery “K”

All of these services are available at 980 Chemawa Rd. N, Keizer, Oregon.

Online Donation

Not everyone is an artist…but everyone can support local artists and art education by donating to Keizer Art Association! AND…you get to take a tax deduction because we are a 501(c)(3) organization! We will send you the tax donation form when we receive your donation. Get yours today!

Keizer Art Association was incorporated in 1977 by three founding volunteer members; Don Walton, Marge Bowder and Enid Joy Mount. Enid Joy Mount, a local teacher, was very determined that children have a chance to experience and create art. She helped them find clay in the natural environment (located under horsetail plants) and then make objects they could wood-fire with her help. We remain 100% volunteer! (Only the art instructors are paid!)


“The Keizer Art Association is organized to encourage the creation, understanding, and appreciation of arts in the community; to gather objects of art for display and interpretation; provide a marketplace for selling art, and to have as a final goal, the participation of members of the community as part of the total art education process.”

YOU can be an Art Supporter!

Thanks to the generosity of the community and Enid Joy Mount’s family and artistic grants, our organization continues to provide excellent artistic services with our monthly art shows; art classes and gift shop. YOU can help by:

  • Make a cash donation.
  • Become a member (individual or corporate.)
  • Make an in-kind donation of goods or service.
  • Sponsor a single or multiple class scholarship.
  • Teach an original art class as a paid instructor.
  • Purchase original artwork in our gallery or in our gift shop.