Current Show

Come check out the November, Black, White, and Gray Show now in the Gallery

(Please note: there is no charge to visit the Gallery)

This is the “Black, White, and Gray Show”. Visit the Gallery to see these wonderful works of art.


Youth Art

2nd Trixie Moen “A Walk In Nature”

1st Trixie Moen “Cat”


3rd Gary Olsen-Hasek “Light House Rock (2)”

2nd John DeJarnett “Jim”

1st Gary Olsen-Hasek “Columbine Blossom”


3rd Donna Lee “Trail Boss”

2nd Karen Stangeby “Black Barn In Snow”

1st Alan Nies “Mercedes Wins LeMans In 1952 and Again in 1989”

Digital Art

2nd Gary Olsen-Hasek “Pigeon Tree”

1st Karen Aiello “Shadows”


1st Bill Smith “Nonsense”


Overall Awards

Judge’s Merit Lynette Olsen “Obsidean”

Best of Show Michael Dora “Our Master’s Voice”